bed bug heat treatment systems

What is best and quickest way to control? ... HEAT! 

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We called them and within 4 hours we had a written plan of action and they began the job the next morning and by 6:00 pm my family was back in the home bug free...and they did a follow-up a week later to to make sure all was good. Ken J. Pinellas Cnty

Very discreet which was important since we live in a beach condo community. No bed bugs and we have been renting it ever since. Donna G. Indian Rocks beach, FL

Not sure how we got them but Steve and his team came in and within one day we were bed bug free. We also appreciated his comforting words of wisdom and ideas to prevent in the future. Mike and Ann S.  clearwater

Our office developed a problem and the bed bug team came in over the weekend and successfully removed any and all activity. THANK YOU!

​J.D. Pinellas Cnty

We noticed red spots on bed sheets and had them out to determine the extent. We had it scheduled and I was able to have it Heated and back on the rental market by the end of the week.THANKS GUYS! YOU SAVED ME!!   Mrs. D.W.

bed bug heat treatment systems

A typical  FULL Service Prep Job should include you doing very little if any, Prep work. They do it!.

BedBug Safety has an AFFORDABLE Bed Bug "Reduction" Service available. This program has limitations and is NOT to be confused with our Heat Treatment Complete Eradication services. This program is an affordable option to help in the reduction of an ongoing bed bug problem. It is priced affordably and will help you in your active effort to reduce your bed bug problem. Please call for eligibility and details. 

​(Average Cost $450 -$650) Residential, call for detail..


Bed Bugs? Are you looking to hire a professional? Not sure what works best? Read the following to help YOU decide.

WHO is at risk?

Any home, condo, apartment, daycare, lockers, schools, hotels, motels, ACLF's, nursing homes, theatres, dorm rooms, office, or other commercial establishments.

Discretion is expected from all our staff, equipment and vehicles. We offer specially designed trailers and trucks without attracting unnecessary attention. Call today and see what a difference we can make for you. ASK about our "SAME DAY" service.

Types of treatments include chemical, heat, and steam. Steam not very practical for larger areas and really only works if applied directly to existing bed bugs, chemical works sometimes and may require multiple treatments over the course of a few weeks, and finallyHEAT! Heat actually is the only true method of killing all stages, eggs, nymphs, and adults, and in a timely manner. occasionally a 2nd treatment may be needed, but usually the problem is contained within 8 hours depending on structure and extent of problem. Heating by commercial pest control operator may be costly in the beginning but will save you money and aggravation in the long run, not to mention most pest control companies will offer a written guarantee of 1 month, 2 months, and some even 3 months.
Hiring a professional extermination service is actually an incredibly economical idea. We're able to get done twice as much done in half the time, which means it would take you four times as long to service your house as it takes us!  Most people forget and then are treating their problem AFTER it has grown out of control. We offer additional service plans that put you on a set schedule to help PREVENT future pest problems and with our competitive rates, we're saving you time and money!

If you suspect you have a bed bug problem, first isolate area, then remove clutter, vacuum thoroughly, bag all linins/clothes and carefully place in dryer for 60 minutes.

3.   written plan

Discuss and Evaluate options and determine Effective Plan.. Prepare to Execute if Approved.

1.  Inspection 

Schedule a complete inspection to verify the problem and magnitude.

2.  Assessment

Discuss extent and evaluate options and review options.


Bed Bug Service

Remember not all pest control companies handle bed bugs with heat due to the cost of equipment required.

can I do it myself?

Usually the treatment and elimination of bed bugs should be performed by a licensed exterminator experienced with the treatments of  bed bugs.

Bed Bug bASICS 

How do people usually discover they have bed bugs? Red marks on sheets, stains on bed plastic covers. Call for more info.